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Ice Melt Prices winter 2018-19

Bulk Rock Salt:
$158.00/ton during business hours

      Over night loading $182.00/ton (call for appointment)

Halite Ice Melt Salt: Sodium chloride.  This is mined salt and contains smaller pieces and fines.  Rock salt as you may call it.



50 lb (49/skid)

$6.50 per bag

Calcium Chloride Pellets
94% to 97%
High powered de-icing pellet capable of melting snow and ice 2 to 5 times faster than rock salt & blended ice melters. Calcium Chloride pellet is the best and most efficient ice melter in the industry.

50 lb




Green Melt
Calcium and Sodium Blend with Green Coloring
50 lb $11.99

Calcium Chloride Pellets
Prestone Driveway Heat

 20 lb.


Calcium Chloride Pellets
Prestone Driveway Heat
9.5 lb. jug $8.99
Safe Pet Ice Melter
20 lb. $21.99
Safe Pet Ice Melter 8 lb. $11.99
Safe Paw Ice melt 8 lb. $17.99

Prices are subject to change without notice. If you didn't already know, we're in Somerset County NJ, close to Princeton, Somerset, Somerville, Flemington, Bridgewater, Franklin, Kendall Park, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, South Brunswick, Hopewell, Rocky Hill, and Pennington.
Prices subject to change without notice last update 11/12/2018