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Feed Information and Pricing

We stock most of the Triple Crown Horse feed line along with Legends and Reliance horse feeds including Hay Stretcher Pellets.   Our feed is delivered every Thursday from the mill in Gettysburg Pennsylvania so our stock is always fresh.  

Got chickens?   We can help you feed 'em.   Whether you have an urban chicken flock of five birds or a barn (or field) full of them, we have your feed!   From starting to finishing, layers to broilers, and everything in between, check us out for all of your needs.   We stock a full line of feeders, waterers, supplements and bedding as well.

Larger users, (10 bags or more of most feeds), please call to make sure we have everything in stock.   And if you are a HUGE user, you know, several tons at a clip, call for customized pricing.   Just ask for Chris.

By the way, we will take back and reuse the bags our store made feed is sold in.   Just be sure to open the bags properly as Tim demonstrates:

Current Prices: Last updated 8/5/2019

OUR FEEDS (store made in our feed mill)

Local Whole Corn $8.49
Cracked Corn $8.99
Soybean Meal* $19.99
Local Whole Oats $10.99
Local Whole Wheat $10.99
Pappy's Deer & Wildlife Feed $10.99
All Mash Layer 16% $11.99
All Layer Mash Layer 16% 2000 lb tote* $374.99
Chick Builder (starter) 21% 2000 lb. tote* $384.99
50/50 Wheat, Cracked Corn Scratch $9.99
Belle Mead Sheep N Goat 16% $10.99
Belle Mead Sheep N Goat 16% 2000 lb tote* $389.99
Challenger Horse Feed 10.75% *now sp.order* $8.99
Rancher Steer Feed 10.75%*** $9.99
Rancher Steer Feed 10.75% 2000 lb tote* $319.99
Belle Mead Hog 14% $10.99
Belle Mead Hog 14% 2000 lb tote* $349.99
NJ Gold Birdseed $19.99
NJ Gold Birdseed 25lb $14.99
    * Special order, allow 3 business to days to make.
    ** save .35/bag when ordering 10 bags or more on all store made feeds
    *** save .64/bag when ordering 40 bags on Rancher Steer Feed
    Please call ahead 3 business days for all order of 10 bags or more.
All store made feeds come in 50lb bags unless otherwise noted.
    All feeds in totes will be charged a $24.50 tote fee

    All Grain 16% Egg Layer Pellets                                          $14.99
    All Grain 16% Egg Layer Crumbles                                    $14.99
    Traditional Layer Pellets                                                       $13.49

    All Layer Mash 16% (Store Made)                                     $11.99
    50/50 Wheat, Cracked Corn Scratch                                $9.99

    Organic Layer Pellets 16%  40 lb.                             $24.99
    Diatomaceous Earth 40#                                              $24.99

    Organic Chick Starter Crumbles 40 lb.                $26.99

    Traditional Poultry Maintainer 14% (for non-laying birds)    $13.49

    Chick Starter NON-Med 5#                                                     $7.99
    Chick Starter Medicated 5#                                                    $6.99
    All Grain Poultry Starter NON-Med Crumbles  20%  25 lb. $9.99*
    Chick Starter Medicated Crumbles 18%                         $15.99*
Meatbird MakerCrumbles 17%                                          $14.99*
    Sporting Bird Starter Crumbles 28%                               $19.80*
    Sporting Bird Flight Developer Crumbles 22%           $19.74*
    Oyster Shell 50lb                                                           $13.99
    Grit Grower 50lb                                                            $10.99
    Grit Starter 50lb                                                             $10.99
        **Save .10/bag when buying 10 or more
* Save .40/bag when buying 40 or more

    *For chicks up to 16 weeks of age
    *For Broilers from hatch til market
    *For ducks, turkeys and game birds up to 10 weeks of age
    *For ducks, turkeys and game birds from 10 to 16 weeks of age.  Then switch
    to All Grain Maintainer Pellets
    *Always provide all of your fowl with fresh water. 

Triple Crown


Triple Crown Senior $23.99
Triple Crown Lo Starch Pellets $23.99
Triple Crown Complete $23.99
Triple Crown Lite Pellets $23.99
Triple Crown Safe Starch $18.99
Triple Crown Steamed Crimped Oats $18.44
Triple Crown Steamed Rolled Barley $17.99
      **Save .10/bag when buying 10 or more  
      **Save .40/bag when buying 40 or more  


Legends 12% CarbCare Show n Pleasure $17.99
Legends 12% Sport Horse Textured $18.18
Legends 12% CarbCare Performance Pellets (10% fat) $19.99
Legends 14% Growth Pellets $17.25
Legends CarbCare Senior Pellets $19.99
Legends Rice Bran Pellets 40lb $26.99
      ** Save .10/bag when buying 10 or more  
      ** Save .40/bag when buying 40 or more  

    Reliance 12% Pellets                                                  $14.23
    Reliance 12% Textured                                             $14.99
    Hay Stretcher Pellets                                                 $13.99
      ** Save .10/bag when buying 10 or more

    ** Save $.40/bag when buying 40 or more

    Alfalfa Pellets 17%                                                        $18.99
    Alfalfa Meal 17%                                                            $18.99
    Alfalfa Cubes                                                                   $17.99
    Alfalfa/Timothy Cubes                                               $18.99
Balancer Cubes                                            $22.99
    Dengi (Lucern) Hi-Fi 40lb                                         $16.99
Triple Crown Safe Starch                                           $18.99

    Wheat Bran                                                                    $17.60
    Calf Manna 50lb                                                           $34.99

    Legends Rice Bran Pellets 40lb                             $26.99
    Local Whole Oats                                                         $9.49
    Yaggis Oatmeal Oats (rolled oats)                        $23.99
    Triple Crown Steamed Crimped Oats                  $18.44
    Beet Pulp 40lb                                                              $17.99
    Beet Pulp w/Molasses 40lb                                     $18.99  
    Triple Crown Steamed Rolled Barley                  $17.99
    Manna Pro Apple Wafers 20lb                               $16.99
    Dried Molasses                                                             $18.99

    Maxi-Calf BVT w/Betaglucan 50lb                             $61.49
    Calf Maker NON-Medicated 50lb.                               $66.99
    Doe's Match 20lb Pail (kid milk replacer)               $64.20
    Lamb Milk Replacer 25lb                                               $69.99
    ** also available Uni-Milk replacer in small bags

    16% Commercial Rabbit (brown bag) 50lb                       $15.00**
    18% Commercial Rabbit (purple/white bag) 50lb         $17.00**
    Fiesta Rabbit 25lb                                                                        $37.99
**Save .10/bag when buying 10 or more
** Save 1.00/bag when buying 40 or more

    Belle Mead Sheep n Goat 16% (Store Made)          $10.99

    Hi Energy Lamb Pellets 16%                                        $13.49
    Hi Energy Lamb Pellets (w/Bovatec) 16%             $14.49
    Sweet Goat Feed 16%                                                      $14.95
    Sheep Forage Tub 125lb                                               $48.99
    Sheep Minerals w/Zinpro 50#                                   $20.71
    Top Choice Goat Mineral                                              $19.50
    Positive Pellet Goat Wormer 6#                                $19.99
    Aureomycin 4G Crumbles 5#    (VFD required)   $8.49
    Aureomycin 4G Crumbles 50# (VFD required)    $21.29   

Canadian Shavings (Standard Grade, 2.8cu ft. poly bale):
    1 or 2                 $6.90
    3 or more        $5.90
    25 or more      $5.65

Wood Pellet Bedding:  $5.29 35lb bag

    Sweet PDZ 40lb. (stall refresher)                                      $15.99
Delivery of Shavings:  Add .40 per bale for delivery or $15, (whichever is greater), locally.  If out of our local area, (local being Belle Mead, Hillsborough and Montgomery but NOT including Bridgewater area and Princeton), a surcharge in addition to the .40 per bale delivery fee will apply.  Contact the store for a delivery quote.

Stall Mats:  4' x 6' x 3/4" thick             

Premium Stall mats: 4' x 6' x 3/4" thick                  $49.99

Prices subject to change without notice.

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