Contact us:
Phone 908-359-5173
Fax 908-359-723


The Store Staff:
    Chris Eannucci (E) - Artisan Feed Miller
    Tyler "It's Hoooooorrible" Donovan - Driver
    Jim Paterno  -  Yard & Logistics
    Barbara Rudt - Nursery
William Wilkins aka "Rabbit" - Senior Artisan Feed Miller

   Emily Peterson - Customer Service & Social Media

    Cortney Huber  -  General Manager, Accounts Receivable and Pet Food Buyer
    BA Sociology, Rowan University 

   Christopher Trautwein  -  Assistant Manager, Accounts Payable and Feed Buyer.

   Christine Vatter  -  Nursery Manager.

Employee Schedule can be found here

Employee Handbook is here. NJ Paid paid sick leave.