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Favorite links

Customer Links:
The Weekend Farmer (a great blog from a local gentleman farmer . . he's a nice guy too)
Cammps Hardware  (hardware store and John Deere dealer)
Rizzon Brothers Landscaping (Landscaper based in Flagtown, NJ)

Farms we Dig:
Double Brook Farm (Hopewell)
Hillsboro Farm Country Market (Hillsborough)
Norz Hill Farm (Hillsborough)
Polnasek Poultry Farm (Hillsborough)
Simply Grazin' (Skillman)
Stonybrook Meadows (Hopewell)
Suydam Farms (Somerset)
Uncle Billy's Farm (Far Hills)

Moyer's Chickens (great source for laying chickens)
Murray McMurray Hatchery (mail order chickens)

Stuff we use a lot:
Rutgers Cooperative Extension (a wealth of gardening info)
Today's local weather

Vendor Links:
Southern states cooperative (a wholesaler we utilize) 
Hollybrook Orchards (where our fruit trees come from)